What patients say about treatment with me

Quotes are from patients’s letters and reviews. Their names and identifying details are removed to protect patient confidentiality. I love hearing from clients past and present, and welcome your news and feedback.

My friend and I came to see you in June. I just wanted to tell you his back and leg is completely well since he saw you. He has not had one second of pain. You are a miracle worker. He walked out of your office on cloud nine and has been ever since. He loved your technique much much more than other acupuncture consults he had in the past. We would like to see you for another treatment but you are in Barcelona :( Thank you so very much for your help. Please post our testimony of your amazing healing skills on your website.”

I’m a whole lot better and am noticing that improvement with every day that goes by. You really have opened up my heart! My mood has improved no end and I have more strength and enthusiasm to do things than ever before… At last the sun has come out again in my life and it’s been thanks to you!.”

Tania Spearman changed my life.
Since I was a little girl I had always suffered from anxiety. Anxiety that sometimes lasted days or weeks. I think a lot of it was due to the fact that I was a sick kid, suffering a parasite from the age of 8 to 10 almost. This, along with other family issues, made me needy and fearful. I had tried everything from therapy, to meditation and nothing seemed to be the right fit for me. Going to Tania was my first acupuncture experience. Within just a few sessions I noticed the inability for my body to even produce fear. I am now more balanced and embrace new emotions when they come. But fear is not one of them. I love Five Element. I never thought I would live without fear, it was just something I was learning to accept I would always carry with me. But now I don’t have to. I will continue this throughout my life, knowing how much better it makes me as a person.”

Tania’s acupuncture treatments are for me priceless. She helps me cope continually with my arthritis. Since starting treatment with her she has helped to reduce the pain I experience, keep my joints flexible and decrease the severity of attacks that I have. Her treatment has also helped to improve my immune system. I no longer have as many colds as I used to, which used to be a normal part of having arthritis. I would not be able to live an as active life as I am if it wasn’t for her, or compete to the level I do in sports competition if it were not for her help.”

I have been receiving regular acupuncture treatments from Tania for over a year to treat several health issues, including a mental health condition. The treatment has been so successful that I can go without medication or any other western medical treatments – which is a true gift to me! My emotional and physical state of wellbeing have significantly increased and I am very impressed and happy with the great benefits I have been receiving through this ancient method that has no side-effects or other health risks. Tania is a passionate and professional practitioner with a great heart and a wonderful sense of humor. I look forward to every session and cannot imagine a life without acupuncture any more. It has become a integral part of my life style, helping me to be the best that I can be!”

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I suffered a slipped disc in January, in vertebrae L5-S1 and a protrusion in vertebrae L4-L5. This caused a great deal of pain in the lower back area, sciatica, and I could only walk short distances and for no more than half an hour. After six months of anti-inflammatories, painkillers and rehabilitation, the improvement was very slow and the pain had not gone away. Tania advised me to try acupuncture for a while, whilst continuing with the rest of the therapy recommended by my doctor. I noticed an improvement in just a few weeks. The pain began to subside and I was able to stop taking painkillers. The fact that I was in less pain meant I was able to draw greater benefit from my rehab and strengthen the back, and this speeded up my recovery. On the days when there’s considerable muscular contraction in my back, Tania also gives me a Chinese massage in addition to the acupuncture.
Now, three months after starting the treatment, I can lead a normal life, I hardly have any pain and I’m not taking medicines. So the improvement has been obvious!”

When I first met Tania I was in severe pain. I’ve had a low back condition for a few years but never this extreme. I could barely walk more than a few steps without feeling sharp pain that made me want to lay down as it radiated down my leg through the sciatic nerve. Seeing her immediately calmed me down at a time when I could not focus on anything besides this pain. She said “it’s okay, you’re here now” and started my acupuncture treatment with her. After only two visits I felt a difference and could walk again. It has been about a month since that day and after continuing with her care I am able to function normally now. After each visit I’ve felt an improvement in my pain level and state of being. I attribute this fully to her acupuncture and the perseverance I’ve had. I know it wasn’t medication that improved the pain because I haven’t taken any. Her knowledge in treating the human body helped me when I needed help the most and I’d recommend her for that as well as her calming and accepting personality.”


I’m a 51 year old Canadian male that was on a short vacation to Barcelona when I suffered a “Disc Prolapse” at my L5-S4. I had stayed in our Hotel room for 4 days before contacting Tania … As a last resort. After just one 45 min. treatment .. 4 hours later, I was pain free for almost 48hrs. It allowed me the ability to sit, on the flight home. Thank You Tania.”

Thank you for all your good vibes and loving energy with the IVF treatment last month”

IVF transfer
I would just like to thank you again for the welcome you gave me and the care and attention you devoted to me, which meant I was able to enjoy the rather “unusual” day I spent in Barcelona on my own, seeing as my husband was unable to come with me….. If I come back to Barcelona on a second visit, I will certainly come to see you.”

In mid-September I was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs in the lower back….As similar sufferers will know the pain from this is brutal & relentless, leaving you in constant agony 24 hrs. During the following days & weeks considering numerous visits to the Neurologists (2 opinions sought) and traumatologists the course of pain relief recommended was to endure numerous drugs and injections on a daily basis in order to relieve the inflammation and pain.”

It was impossible for me to sit, stand, lie…. sleeping was impossible and attempting to walk even a few steps brought agonizing pain which eventually forced me into a wheelchair for 10 days.
After admitting myself to hospital on 3 separate occasions with crippling pain and subsequently advised to continue with the cocktail of drugs, after 20 days with not even a glimmer of pain relief it was evident that traditional methods of treatment were not working for me so I stopped the drugs and made an appointment with Tania.”

One of the kindest, warmest people I have ever met!”

I practice lots of sports regularly (running, cycling, swimming, skiing, Pilates, yoga…) and I often face seasons with excessive muscle tension due to hard training and competitions. Tania has provided me excellent relief on muscle tension and pain, her treatments can get straight to the point, even to the very deep and painful muscle tensions that none of the typical sports massages/treatments can efficiently reach. Her attention is great, she’s an excellent professional who provides results already at the 1st visit and in a couple sessions she has been able to totally eliminate the pain that I had suffered during weeks after an injury.”

I’m so glad I did the acupuncture with you because now I know first hand how effective it can be.”


I’m not sure if you’re a miracle worker or what, but since I visited you my neck has been pretty much crack-free. When I left the session I felt like I was walking on air, so I would definitely like to do another one at some point.”

I wanted to say a big thank you for helping me the other week and getting my health back on track. After our last session 2 weeks ago the candida completely cleared up and without any creams or medication I’m back to feeling good!”

Tania is the best acupuncturist one could wish for. After only a few sessions my daily severe back pain is down to a once a week twinge and fading fast. She is professional above all with an intensely kind and warm energy that leaves you glowing and healed. I think my first visit was most vivid as she reflected my personal truth strong enough to make me think for a few weeks and this was all before putting any needles in me!
I highly recommend her for first timers who are a bit nervous as I felt nothing and to that she replied “I swear there are needles in you, it’s not magic”. But I must say, it does feels that way.”

I was suffering from tiredness due to lack of sleep and hot flashes. This was impacting on my busy working life. I was really fortunate to get Tania as my therapist. Over a 3 month period Tania provided an environment which was safe, professional, empathetic and friendly. This contributed to a successful treatment resulting in uninterrupted sleep and significantly reduced the hot flashes, both in intensity and frequency. I would highly recommend Tania’s fantastic professional and effective treatments.”

Fertility treatment
I had to drop you a line to thank you for your help before and after Jane’s treatment 9 months ago. The mental support this gave Jane is something I will forever be truly grateful for, and was in no small part important, I am sure, to her ability to carry these beautiful two girls to 36 weeks. With love, and gratitude – you are a star!”

Dear Tania, I doubt that I will ever find the correct words to fully express my gratitude for all the good you have brought me, for making …… as you have put life back into my body, my heart and my soul. Thank you so much. When I think of Barcelona I will think of the extraordinary women who helped me to build my structure stronger; who revived the beauty of living within me. You certainly are an angel to me. Thank you.”

After years of suffering with the discomfort of sciatica in my right leg and nothing I tried worked, I was desperate. I saw an advertisement for acupuncture and decided to give it a go without much hope, but after just 4 sessions it’s a thing of the past. I have had no trouble since, and I can’t believe that was nearly 6 months ago. So thank you to acupuncture and Tania I can continue my life doing all the sport I love pain free. If ever the need should arise in the future I will definitely use Tania’s services again.”

A visit to Tania’s clinic is a sure way to feel better in yourself, about yourself and about the world in general. She has a way of imbuing a space with a homey, relaxed atmosphere; creating a place where you are welcome, comfortable and safe. There is no pretence: you can just be you. When you leave, you’ll take Tania’s smile with you and the certainty that you have been well cared for.”

Tania is a very compassionate, understanding and professional acupuncturist. She has a kind, lively and warm personality that shines through. The warm ambience of her clinic provides a nurturing space where one feels at home, such that each visit to Tania feels like a return to home, a return to nurturing oneself.
Tania takes the time to truly listen to what I need, both physically and emotionally, and her attention to detail and her holistic approach mean that one is truly cared for on all levels in every treatment: physically, emotionally and spiritually. She adapts each treatment to what my body needs at different times. Tania has been incredibly supportive when I first arrived in Barcelona, and her treatments have really helped me in combating my premenstrual symptoms. Her treatments have been a source of support in keeping me grounded and nurtured, which have allowed me to truly embrace my new life in Barcelona.”

I suffered a muscle strain in my leg (soleus) in a triathlon competition end of last July when I had 6 weeks left to my main objective of the triathlon season, half distance race in Berga (1,9km swim/90km bike/21km run). After a confirmed diagnostic by a doctor and some weeks rest followed by rehabilitation with physiotherapists I was starting to get desperate – my leg was getting better slowly but too slowly for me…2 weeks before the race I couldn’t even think of running due to the muscle tension and pain. I started to think of the option of abandoning the race prior the start but I didn’t want to give up without trying everything so I contacted my acupuncture friend Tania for help (Today I can easily be wise and say that I should have done it since the beginning!). After a short but deep interview I found myself lying on a massage table and feeling myself relaxed and without pain for the first time in several weeks. Another visit at Tania’s place just 3 days prior to the race made me even more confident on getting to the race start line to fight for my objective. And it all went excellent! I was able to compete and totally enjoy the 3 disciplines without muscle tensions or pain – and the most important, I fully met my objective and exceeded all expectations. Thank you Tania for all your help and attention, you are a great person and an excellent professional!”

The treatments you have given me have made a real difference to me (and my family). So thank you so much for your time and skill. You have changed our lives.
(Patient came for premenstrual stress and mood swings)”

Tania´s methods are clear concise and “painless”, coupled with her warmth, understanding nature, and above all listening carefully to what was happening to me, boosted my confidence in recovering fast.
I highly recommend Tania for anyone in a similar situation………whether you are a “believer” or not…… the fact is that it worked for me.”

Tania saw me for 3 consecutive sessions and following each session the pain relief was dramatic and amazingly within such a short time I was walking unaided again…This complete turnaround over just several hours of treatment with Tania was truly impressive, and I found myself coming from a distraught, painful and what seemed unhopeful situation to that of functioning “normally” again. During the next 3/4 sessions Tania worked on each individual area of pain until each element was eliminated and I am so pleased to say that today I have no pain or discomfort and am able to progress now with my recovery with confidence and relative ease.”


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