Stress, emotional issues, depression and anxiety


Acupuncture is very successful at treating a wide range of emotional issues. Not only can acupuncture help to relax and calm you, but it can also help to get you emotionally back on your feet. I treat stress and depression using a style of acupuncture called 5 Element acupuncture, which works on a deep emotional level, helping you to deal with old and present emotional issues. Whether you just need help getting through a rough patch, or long-term support in conjunction with conventional medicine, this form of acupuncture can help you get back on your feet, lift the blues and aid in coping with a mental illness.

I have attended a number of specialist courses targeting the treatment of depression and anxiety.

- Panic attacks
- Depression
- Post natal depression
- Anxiety
- Stress
- Feeling fearful
- Always feeling angry
- Emotionally volatile

What patients say about how acupuncture has helped them with stress and emotional issues

I have been receiving regular acupuncture treatments from Tania for over a year to treat several health issues, including a mental health condition. The treatment has been so successful that I can go without medication or any other western medical treatments – which is a true gift to me! My emotional and physical state of wellbeing have significantly increased and I am very impressed and happy with the great benefits I have been receiving through this ancient method that has no side-effects or other health risks. Tania is a passionate and professional practitioner with a great heart and a wonderful sense of humor. I look forward to every session and cannot imagine a life without acupuncture any more. It has become a integral part of my life style, helping me to be the best that I can be!”

Dear Tania, I doubt that I will ever find the correct words to fully express my gratitude for all the good you have brought me, as you have put life back into my body, my heart and my soul. Thank you so much. When I think of Barcelona I will think of the extraordinary women who helped me to build my structure stronger; who revived the beauty of living within me. You certainly are an angel to me. Thank you.”

Tania Spearman changed my life. Since I was a little girl I had always suffered from anxiety. Anxiety that sometimes lasted days or weeks. I think a lot of it was due to the fact that I was a sick kid, suffering a parasite from the age of 8 to 10 almost. This, along with other family issues, made me needy and fearful. I had tried everything from therapy, to meditation and nothing seemed to be the right fit for me. Going to Tania was my first acupuncture experience. Within just a few sessions I noticed the inability for my body to even produce fear. I am now more balanced and embrace new emotions when they come. But fear is not one of them. I love Five Element. I never thought I would live without fear, it was just something I was learning to accept I would always carry with me. But now I don’t have to. I will continue this throughout my life, knowing how much better it makes me as a person.”

Tania, you truly treat me holistically – from the twisted up, stressed out back and shoulders muscles – to teaching me to love myself just a little bit (we are still struggling with that bit!) You are so warm, kind and sensitive to all my messed up thoughts, you listen and allow me to speak very freely (that means that I can swear occasionally and shed a few tears) – and I feel like a new, balanced person every time I walk out of your haven and look at the world afresh again. Thank you so much for that! I miss our sessions and I really cannot wait to see you again when I return to Barcelona!”


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